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Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to look after the wellbeing of their staff, inside and outside of work. There are numerous reports that identify how a healthier workforce, both in terms of their mental and physical health, can positively contribute to better productivity, reduced absenteeism, increased energy, lower health care costs and a reduction in stress. All these factors combined lead to an improvement in the performance of any business. Taking the time to invest in an effective workplace wellbeing program, like the Fit for Living Corporate Wellness Program, has proven to be a successful way of achieving this. By directly investing into the health of your workforce you are ultimately investing into the long lasting health of your business.

Fit for Living focus on working with you to create a bespoke plan that perfectly fits your business and employees. By focusing on the needs of your employees, we aim to improve productivity within your place of work using several different techniques that involve classes, seminars, workshops and retreats. This is a life changing program, formulated with the aim of revitalising staff, enhancing staff engagement, and transforming workplace productivity.

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A Fit for Living program is managed closely and shaped individually to fit the needs and desired outcome of the business. We begin the process with a free audit which will form the insight we require to formulate a successful plan moving forward. Budgets and timescales will be discussed and this will be factored into the plan for the program.  

Our Corporate Wellness Programs are versatile and can involve anything from health checks to wellbeing workshops, yoga and fitness classes to massage therapy or physio sessions. A key area we excel in is our off-site wellness retreats. These retreats aim to develop employees and encourage and improve team performance. It is estimated that an effective corporate wellness program will provide a 3:1 return on investment. This is achieved through a reduction in absence and staff stress, as well as enhanced productivity and retention. Can you afford not to invest?

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Now is the time to widen your employee's horizons with a unique Fit for Work wellness retreat that is shaped around your staff and organisation.  

A 'Fit for Work' retreat focuses on helping employees develop as well as achieve the maximum levels of team performance. These retreats are completely unique and offer a life changing experience with bespoke team events that take place in stunning environments.

It is our firm belief that in order to achieve ultimate mental and physical performance, our health and the way we fuel our bodies and brain is crucial. Getting the right balance is key, and part of our retreats focus on educating employees on their wellbeing and health. This includes aspects that cover your mind, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and environment. We are all aware of how heavy workloads combined with long hours can lead to issues with stress. Our retreats offer employees the chance to remove themselves from these stresses and focus on their own wellbeing, allowing them to return to work feeling completely reinvigorated with a renewed energy.  

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We all find ourselves in a new 'normal' due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us are required to now work from home to keep ourselves and other employees safe. What does this mean for your workforce? Well, remote working for some can be a welcomed change, but for others it can be extremely isolating and become challenging both mentally and physically, with physical activity limited and social interaction greatly reduced. There has never been a more important time as a company to look after the wellbeing of your employees and Fit for Living have the perfect solution.

We have adapted our corporate wellness solutions in order to focus on improving the wellness of your employees and encouraging them to stay healthy during remote working and these unprecedented times. Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, Fit for Living were already delivering remote working wellness programs so we have the necessary experience to provide successful programs with proven results. We work with organisations to deliver workplace wellness programs specifically dedicated to remote working - all focusing on a full body and mind approach. The programs deliver innovative solutions that work to support staff with their mental and physical wellbeing - enabling employees to undertake tasks to maximum ability whilst they are working from home and in turn reducing any economic losses for your company.

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