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Whether you are feeling sluggish, unhealthy or want to feel fitter, there are many reasons you may want to embark on a fitness program. We make it our mission to make a positive impact to your quality of life. Being fit and healthy is not just about looking good in the buff. Fitness should be a long term goal which you gain huge benefits from - both physically and mentally. Our team put together coaching programs which are improving for both the body and mind and are backed up by science.

At Fit for Living, we take a full body and mind approach, bringing together diet, exercise, lifestyle, sleep, genetic testing and blood profiling. We understand that every individual requires a unique approach to suit them - in order to form a healthy lifestyle. We spend time getting to know your goals and needs in order to tailor the program to you and your lifestyle.

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When you come on board with Fit for Living, you will notice our multifaceted approach to fitness and wellbeing. We use many techniques to transform your lifestyle and leave you feeling great. Here are a few of our tactics:

  1. Initial Consultation - We do a full health screening to help you to set goals, take measurements (where relevant) and plan which profiling and testing will help with your journey.
  2. Nutritional Consultation - Nutrition accounts for around 70% of our results, so it is vital to conduct a review of your dietary habits. Food is fuel for your body and has a massive impact on how you feel.
  3. Testing - We carry out a genetic diet and fitness test and blood profiling which examines vitamins, minerals, hormones and gut health markets which provides a full picture of the function of your body systems.
  4. Exercise Programme - We will look at your exercise history and your goals and then create a bespoke training plan. We take into consideration where you can train, whether it's a gym, at home or the park, we will tailor it to you.
  5. Lifestyle - We will look at your lifestyle including your quality of sleep and stress levels. Getting to know your day to day life will provide a series of step by step habits which will leave you feeling more energetic and happier.
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We offer 3 programs which can be tailored to you and your goals. They are as follows -

Pro-active Program - A budget friendly option which includes a personal evaluation and fitness test, 3 x 1-1 20 minute video coaching sessions, a 30 day personalised nutrition plan and a 30 day exercise plan. Get daily fitness, nutritional physical and mental health hacks and challenges and there is an additional option to add extra food tolerance, DNA and diet and fitness testing. - ONLY £149

Success Builder Program - Our most popular package which gives you 24/7 support, fantastic value and is long enough for you to achieve exceptional results. Within this package you will receive an initial consultation, an 8 week exercise plan, 8 x 60 minute coaching sessions either via Skype or in person, blood profiling including food tolerance testing, a personalised nutrition plan, unlimited email support and check-in phone calls, and access to our team of expert personal trainers, nutritionists, sleep coaches and more. - £760

Transformation Program - Our best value package for those who want to make a huge life change and would like longer term support. Within this package you will receive an initial consultation, a 12 week exercise plan, 12 x 60 minute coaching sessions either on Skype or in person, blood profiling including food tolerance testing, a personalised nutrition plan, unlimited email and phone call support, and access to our team of expert personal trainers, nutritionists, sleep coaches and more. - £980

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Whether you are looking for a long term solution or help kick starting your fitness plan - please get in touch to see how we can help. We are very proud of the exceptional service we offer. Check out this review from one of our clients:

"The ProActive programme and its Trainers have taught me so much about training, diet and ultimately about myself - but the biggest lesson I will take away from my transformation is to keep it simple. It's not about complicated formulas, crazy workout routines and a cupboard full of supplements; no crazy fad diets of 'detoxes'. It's about keeping your diet clean and simple, regular and consistent. I went from 28% body fat to 18% I lost 7.5 kilos safely and without starving myself. I dropped two jean sizes and half my clothes have gone to the charity shops as I have no plans to need them again!!"

These are exactly the kind of results we can achieve with our bespoke fitness and nutrition plans. To chat with a member of the team about what you are looking for, contact us by sending us a message or give us a call on 0207 281 8875.

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