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Businesses and organisations are beginning to recognise the need to take care of their employees' wellbeing - both inside and outside of the office. The key to a more productive workforce us to keep staff physically and mentally healthy. This usually leads to reduced absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, more energy and less stress! This ultimately leads to a huge improvement in business performance. A workplace wellbeing program is a great way of investing back into your business. We provide a successful way of achieving business goals through our Fit for Living Corporate Wellness Program.

We create bespoke health and wellbeing solutions to suit your business and it's employees. We focus on improving productivity and place your staff at the forefront of our program. We use a variety of methods like seminars, workshops, classes and retreats to achieve a successful response from staff teams. Dependent on your aims and objectives, we will design a plan to revitalise your staff, increase employee engagement and transform productivity. Within this program your staff will learn skills and life changing habits which will last a lifetime.

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We can create a program bespokely to suit your organisation. We will carry out an initial audit to uncover what you would like to focus on and what could benefit your employees best. We always keep your budget and timescale in mind during the development of your bespoke program.

We can include a range of activities within your program plan. Including: health checks, yoga and fitness classes, wellbeing workshops, massage therapy and physio sessions. We also specialise in transformational off-site adventures where teamwork is key. Our employee wellness programs are extremely effective and on average, have a 3:1 return on investment - meaning every pound that your business invests into it's staff can lead to recouping 3 x the amount directly through reduction in absence and staff stress, as well as increased productivity.

It's time to invest in your business and your staff!

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Fit for Living also offer unique corporate retreats which can be shaped around you.

We can include a corporate retreat as part of your program as a whole. These retreats focus on helping staff develop their team performance skills. These escapes tend to be transformational, there is nothing quite like them! We create bespoke team events and explore the most beautiful, incredible environments.

We believe - through our research and previous work, that the key to achieving a high level of mental and physical performance, is down to how we fuel our body and brain. We educate staff who take part on our retreats on the importance of health, wellbeing and balance. We discuss and learn about topics such as nutrition, mind, exercise, sleep and environment. Long hours and heavy workloads are often the cause of workplace stress. Our retreats allow employees to detach themselves from everyday stresses and purely focus on their mind and wellbeing, so that they return to work feeling energised and reinvigorated.

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Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, remote working is increasingly popular and more of a necessity than an option for many. Working from home often means there is a huge need to look after your mental and physical health.

Working from home can affect the health of employees because social interaction is reducts and physical activity becomes limited. We have adapted our workplace wellness tactics for working from home staff to help them to remain healthy. This means that staff can continue to carry out their usual tasks happier and healthier and may reduce economic loss for your business.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, we were already delivering successful wellness programs for those who work remotely. These involve a comprehensive mind and body approach, offering innovative solutions to support teams' mental and physical health from wherever they may be working.

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