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Businesses and organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to look after their employee's wellbeing, both inside and outside of work. With endless reports detailing how a healthier workforce, both physically and mentally, contributes to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower health care costs, increased energy and a reduction in stress - ultimately leading to an improvement in your businesses performance. Investing in an effective workplace wellbeing program has proven to be a successful way of achieving this. Signing up to a Fit for Living Corporate Wellness Program essentially equates to directly investing into the health of your business.

Fit for Living focus on creating bespoke solutions to fit your business and your employees. We work with you to improve productivity by placing your employees at the forefront of the business. We achieve this through a variety of methods, from seminars to workshops, classes to retreats. Dependent upon the needs of your employees, we will put together a plan that will revitalise your staff, enhance employee engagement, and ultimately transform productivity using a life-changing program that has long lasting results.

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Our programs are managed from start to finish and shaped uniquely to fit your organisation. The process starts with an initial audit and the insight we uncover during this process will allow us to formulate a successful plan that suits your employees and your business. The program will also be developed to meet your budgets and timescales.

Your individually tailored workplace wellbeing program can be a combination of any of the following: health checks, wellbeing workshops, yoga and fitness classes, massage therapy and physio sessions. One of the areas we particularly excel in is our transformational off-site adventures where employees are developed and team performance is enhanced. On average an employee wellness program that is effective and successful has a 3:1 average return on investment - quite simply meaning that every pound your company invests will lead to recouping three through a reduction in absence and staff stress, as well as an increase in productivity and retention.

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Widen your companies and staff's horizons with a unique corporate retreat shaped around your team and workplace.

Fit for Living specialise in 'Fit for Work' corporate retreats and experiences as part of their Corporate Wellness program. Our retreats core focus is on helping staff develop and achieve the ultimate in team performance. During these transformational and completely unique experiences, bespoke team events are created and undertaken in the most stunning and amazing environments.

We strongly believe that the key to achieving top performance, both mental and physically, is down to our health and the way we fuel our body and brain. Balance is key and we focus on educating those on the retreat on their wellbeing and health. This includes topics such as mind, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and environment. Heavy workloads and long hours are a common occurrence in the workplace and this is often the cause of workplace stress. Our retreats offer staff the opportunity to detach themselves from these stresses and really focus on their wellbeing, returning to work feeling reinvigorated and energised.

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During the new 'normal' we now find ourselves in, remote working has become a necessity rather than a option for many. During the Coronavirus pandemic there has never been a greater need to look after the health of your workforce.

Working from home can affect the health of your employees both mentally and physically as social interaction is reduced and options for physical activity limited. Through the adaption of workplace wellness solutions, we can help improve the wellness of your staff and help them remain healthy during this unique situation. This enables employees to undertake tasks to their best ability and reduces any economic losses for your organisation.

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Fit for Living was already delivering successful workplace wellness programs for remote working. These programs involve a full body and mind approach, delivering innovative solutions that support your employees mental and physical health during the time they are working from home.

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