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In recent times, businesses are recognising the need to take care of their employees wellbeing - inside and outside of work. There are countless studies and reports which detail how the results of a mentally and physically healthy workforce lead to increased productivity, reduced absences, lower health care costs, increased energy levels and reduced stress. This ultimately makes a huge impact on the business' performance. A wellness program in your workplace is a fantastic technique to achieve these incredible results and keep your staff happy and healthy. Signing up for one of our Corporate Wellness Programs is equivalent to investing into the health of your business.

At Fit for Living, we focus on every businesses individual requirements. We create a bespoke solution to suit you. Our aim is to help improve productivity in your workplace by putting employees first. We do this through a range of methods such as seminars, workshops, classes and retreats. We can construct a plan to suit the needs of your employees, aiming to revitalise your staff, improve engagement and improve productivity using our well-established program which we have seen first hand, have incredible results.

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We design our programs on an individual basis, to suit the needs of your particular organisation. We start the process with an audit then we use the results from this to create a plan designed for success to suit your employees and your business. It is developed with your budget and timescales in mind.

We can include many aspects to your bespoke wellbeing program. Including the following: physio sessions, massage therapy, wellbeing workshops, yoga and fitness classes and health checks. We specialise in transformational off-site adventures which aim to develop employees nutritional choices and increase team performance. On average, an effective and successful wellness program has a 3:1 return on investment - meaning that every pound invested in your staff's wellness leads to recouping three times that through the reduction in staff stress and work absences and increasing retention and productivity.

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Our corporate retreats have so many benefits to your staff and they are completely shaped around your team's requirements.

Our corporate retreats can form a part of your company's Corporate Wellness Program. These offer a way of helping your staff develop their team performance. These are transformational experiences which really impact staff members. We create bespoke team events and undertake them in stunning environments.

Achieving the best performance from your team - is fully dependent on the team's wellbeing both physically and mentally. This is down to how we fuel our bodies and brains. The key to achieving amazing results is educating staff members on the retreat regarding their wellbeing and health - where balance is vitally important. The topics we cover on the retreat include mind, nutrition, exercise, sleep and environment. Long hours and stressful workloads are commonly what deteriorate a staff member's mental health. Our retreats give staff the chance to detach themselves from these stresses and purely focus on their wellbeing, allowing them to return to work feeling energised and reinvigorated.

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It is extremely popular for workers to be working remotely during recent times. This is sometimes a necessity more than a choice. Especially during the Coronavirus pandemic - there is a greater need to look after the health of your workplace.

Working from home can affect someone's mental and physical wellbeing as the social side of work is reduced and the need for physical activity is lessened. Through our workplace wellness solutions, we will help your workforce improve their mental wellbeing and keep them healthy during these unprecedented times. We suggest daily tools and techniques which keep your staff happy and healthy. This can reduce economic losses for your organisation.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Fit for Living were delivering successful workplace wellness programs for remote working. These include a comprehensive mind and body approach, offering innovative solutions for your staff's mental and physical health during their working from home hours.

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