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Join us for a transformational adventure

The ultimate goal of our wellness retreats are to provide you with an experience that extends beyond a few days together. With a full mind and body approach, you will get a deeper understanding of your health and wellness. Spending a weekend with some of the best coaches in the industry you will enjoy unhurried consultative experiences that will give you the tools, and teach you new skills, to help you make changes when you get home.

It really is a life-changing adventure.

What are the benefits of our wellness retreats?

Change up your daily routine

Whether that’s your normal fitness regime, the foods you usually eat, or your environment.

Motivation and support

Our coaches will teach you new skills and will give you the tools to take home.


Adventure pushes you outside your comfort zone and takes you on a journey of self-discovery where you connect with yourself.

Digital detox

Our beautiful locations take you away from the city and help you unwind in nature.

Break unhealthy habits

While a weekend might not seem long enough to transform your life, don’t underestimate the transformational experience often we find that people return with a completely new mindset.

You arrive home feeling amazing

Truly rested and relaxed and ready to live your new lifestyle.

mountain biking


Our approach is based on the latest scientific research and designed to work with your everyday life It is not extreme, we don’t put our clients on diets or detoxes. Pre-escape you will receive a personalised DNA Fit Test then during the escape you will receive and a one to one consultation with one of our personal trainers, who will give you a personal program specific to your goals and lifestyle.



We will provide delicious healthy dishes, from breakfast to lunch through the weekend. You will receive a pre-trip consultation and DNA Diet test. You will also have the option to include a Food Intolerance test should you wish for an additional fee. During the escape you will receive a one to ton where we will help you work out some dietary changes that can help make positive improvements to your diet and lifestyle, based on your personal goals.



There will be yoga, ice therapy and meditation throughout the escape. We also provide workshop on stretching & mobility to help with injury posture and flexibility. You will be given a mat, bands and trigger point tools which will be yours to take home after.

mental wellbeing


We teach you meditation techniques and give tips for getting a better night’s sleep Also just being in these incredible environments, amongst nature, does so much for the body and mind that you can be sure you will leave feeling refreshed and recharged.


Example Itinerary

Below is an example day’s itinerary set out to give you an idea of the sort of activities you can expect on our weekend escape.


7am    Morning yoga session

8am    Breakfast

9am    Mountain biking

1pm    Lunch and wild swim in mountain lake

3pm    One to one nutrition consulation

4pm    Free time chance to kick back soak in the scenery or explore on your own

7:30pm Dinner

10:00pm Guided sleep meditation


5am Sunrise hike

10am Breakfast

11am Cooking workshop

1pm Lunch

3pm Ice and breath workshop

6pm Sunset clifftop yoga

7:30pm Dinner


7:30am Guided meditation session

8am Breakfast

9am SUP

11am One to one personal coaching session

12pm Massage

2pm Lake lunch stop on way back to airport

Register Your Interest For Our Next Escape

Due to the uncertainty around COVID-19 we have postponed our June Escape.
Register your interest for the next trip and as soon as we have dates we will update you.

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