Here is what you will get in your 2 week FREE discovery coaching program

  • Personalised Nutritional Meal Plans and Shipping lists.
  • 20min Yoga & Stretching Routines to improve mobility.
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices to calm and focus the mind.
  • Daily bio hacks and education delivered to your inbox.
  • Daily lifestyle challenges to help cultivate new habits that improve overall wellbeing.

Liz Barker

" I started Fit for Living to offer an are all rounded coaching program for mind and body. I have spent years working with clients and I have seen so many people putting the hard work in and sticking to their fitness and nutrition programs. Despite their hard work and effort the still feel low energy find they hit a plateau or perhaps they do achieve their asthenia goals but still feel unhappy once they get there.

I have been on a similar journey myself, as an athlete recovering from injury and overtraining. I learned the hard way, but I was fortunate to have worked with an incredible team of experts who have contributed to Fit for Living’s coaching program and who have re-shaped the way I train myself and coach others.
Liz Barker in the gym by a punchbag

What makes Fit For Living different?

Fit for Living is like no other coaching program. We take a full mind and body approach.

All personalised to you.


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Train from home or the park. Beginner to Advanced. Cardio, strength, flexibility and mobility. Get more active with our always breaking a sweat.


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Eat Well

Calorie, portion and macronutrient plan customised to your body, goals an eating preference. Suit all gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. Healthy delicious recipes for breakfast launch dinner and snakes that are easy to and super quick to make!

Recovery & Sleep

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Sleep Well and Feel Energised

Meditation to calm the mind and chaos. Sleep hygiene tips to help you switch off and get better quality sleep. Breathwork techniques to improve your immune system, posture, increase energy, and reduce stress. Learn and experience the benefit of cold water therapy from your home.

Mental Wellbeing

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Live and Feel better

Daily gratitude practices. Lifestyle hacks to improve wellbeing. Reconnect with nature & its benefits for your health. Learn ways to boost your immune system.

Why Do Our Client's Love Us?

Don't Miss Out!

The program gives you a chance to experience Fit for Living’s mind and body coaching method. We guarantee if you follow the program in just two weeks you will be leaner, fitter, have more energy, feel calmer, and happier.

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