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Liz Barker
November 15, 2016
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Liz Barker

I started this site as don’t just want to personal train people to lose weight as they feel fat and miserable I want help people change their lives through fitness and to get them FIT FOR LIVING and to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

For many of us the New Year is a refreshing start. An inspiring time where we feel like we can accomplish everything we set our minds to, and take a leap of faith we never imagined.

But as the weeks wear on, and the shine of the New Year begins to dull from the dust of everyday life, many of us will think, “What happened? Where did I go wrong? Maybe my life is just too full for me to  make the changes that I truly want to make?” Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Disappointed in our lack of commitment or determination.

But is that really it, or did we forget one vitally important step in our process? Setting ourselves up for success by keeping things fresh?

So if this is the year that you want to get back to a fitness routine, one that not only helps you make exercise and good nutrition part of your everyday life, but one that helps you truly live life, how do you make this a reality? What do you do repeat the same old patterns like:

  • Signing up for a gym membership without any support from a trainer, good intentions of course, but still don’t hit the mark.
  • Others freshen up their kitchen and pantry, believing nutrition is solely the answer.
  • And some start with the training journal again with the aim of becoming more mindful of their nutrition and exercise practices.

Don’t get us wrong all of these individually and especially combined have many great benefits. BUT!

We’ve got goals to crush people, bucket lists to tick off and adventures to be had and we need all the inspirational energy we can muster!

The best set goals can be derailed even if they are set by the most inspired of people.

The ones who find their goals within reach are those who take the time to prepare for success but are driven by a BIG PICTURE. That’s right the ones who want to get fit so they can travel, adventure, play (physically) with their kids, go to the beach/gym etc and really feel comfortable within themselves and enjoy their workouts because they feel confident , happy and inspired on the inside

I don’t want that for you…….I want you ‘Fit for Living’ !

So if you’ve never thought about health & fitness without thinking about weight loss than this is something then I would love to hear from you and offer you a free 20min telephone consultation to discuss how I can help you make that change and realise your dreams for once and all. Email me