Struggling to motivate yourself to train during lockdown?

photo of Liz Barker
Liz Barker
November 23, 2020
contributing author:
Liz Barker | Training Motivation | Fit for Living

For a lot of us lockdown has forced us to slow down and given us more time. More time to train perhaps? This is a positive for many people but for some it has meant a loss of focus with their training.

You may have had to readjust your workouts, you might be missing lifting weights, or training with your friend or maybe a competition you were training for has been cancelled. While the pandemic may have caused you to lose the motivation to work out, it’s also the exact reason why you shouldn’t stop.your routine. Right now your health is really important.  We need to take responsibility for our own physical and emotional well-being, and exercise is one of the best things we can do for that.

‍According to research, people quit when they have no goal. I urge you not to quit your goals. Set new goals. Goals help motivate you and so now more than ever you should still set goals. It can help give you direction with your training rather than just going for a jog, or picking random workouts online.

Here are some ideas to help:

‍1. Before the pandemic, you may have gone to the gym on your way home from the office. Routine helps us stay motivated and whilst your routine may have been forced to change try and establish a new routine.

‍2. Keep your goals short-term. Things are constantly changing at the moment. Maybe run x number of miles this week. Or if you struggle with back pain, your goal could be to experience less back pain and so to achieve that might mean 3 x 20-minute online mat pilates sessions per week.

‍3.Do what works for you. If you hate running, don’t set a running goal. Make your goal something that excites you, and also something that is achievable.

4. Stay accountable. Once you choose a goal, being accountable, even if only to yourself, can help you achieve it. Keep a simple chart on your phone or your fridge where you can check a box for every day you work out. Friends can keep you accountable so arrange to meet a friend outside for a workout or a walk. Organise a Zoom workout with friends or workout with a trainer.

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