The Recovery Benefits Of Taking A Week Off From Working Out

photo of Liz Barker
Liz Barker
July 6, 2021
contributing author:
Rest week from working out | Fit for Living

I am back in the gym today after a scheduled rest week. I love the training and rest is something I struggle with, but experience has taught me that my body will let you know it needs to recover.

I’m feeling fresh and I've got a renewed energy get back to it!

What are the benefits of taking a week off from working out?

Restore the body physically

  • Rest fatigued muscles
  • Repair muscle strains and small tears
  • Renew glycogen stores
  • Restore the neuromuscular system
  • Balance hormones

Rejuvenate mentally

  • Avoid mental fatigue and burnout
  • Renewed motivation  

Take a break.

When to take a week off?

  • When you have been working out hard for 8-12 weeks solid
  • You’ve plateaued.
  • Your recovery time between workouts is not good.
  • Muscle soreness is more than normal.
  • You are starting to get a few niggles like joint pain and muscle strains.
  • Your energy levels are lower.
  • You fatigue earlier in your workout than usual.
  • Your enthusiasm for training has dropped.
  • Your overall mood is lower than normal.