The Way The World Has Changed

photo of Liz Barker
Liz Barker
June 4, 2020
contributing author:
a person running up some steps in trainers

The way the world works is changing’ that was a statement I used to head up our campaigns about 5 ago when Fit fit Living expanded into the corporate health and wellness coaching market. This was at a time when the number of remote workers and people choosing to be location dependant was growing. It appealed to people who like to travel and work from various locations around the world or those who want to spend more time with their family or live out the City.

There has been a fast growth in the remote work spaces across the globe and innovative companies were already offering flexible working. COVID-19 has forced all types of business into this space and probably accelerated some companies forward by years in a matter of weeks.

One thing is clear the way the world works has changed. Modern day technology has allowed us to quickly adapt and meetings can now be held from our front rooms and avoid give previous hours back in out life by loosing the commute to work. There are many positives to come from this situation. One of the more difficult challenges is keeping employees healthy and the workforce engaged. It’s no longer as simple as signing staff up for a local gym corporate membership.  Staff need support for both their physical and mental health and they need to stay connected.

How do you maintain employee health and keep the engagement when the team are working remotely?

Here are 5 simple ideas. 

  1. Hold a team online vertical exercise class each week.
  2. Hold daily 15-minute guided meditation sessions during work hours.
  3. Sign staff up to a guided meditation App like Headspace.
  4. Offer virtual physiotherapy appointments and coaching.
  5. Buy the team fitness trackers and run team challenges.

Fit for Living have been helping companies with remote health and wellbeing programs for several years now if you want some help schedule a 15 minute consultation with us and find out how we can help you adapt and to the current climates.