photo of Liz Barker
Liz Barker
May 7, 2020
contributing author:
Liz Barker running through London

What keeps me motivated and keep giving a 100%?

I enjoy what I do and the feeling of achieving something. Whether that be on a big scale like an national result, or a smaller one such as hitting a target time, or process goal of a session.

When I am having dinner with my friends (who are not athletes) how do I motivate myrself to stick to my own diet without giving into the temptations of others?

It’s not about making a choice that is either healthy or non healthy, there’s always a scale from bad to better to best. Some things I can easily make from a bad to better choice without  even feeling like I’m missing out, like swapping chips for sweet potato mash, or picking a steak instead of battered cod.

When I have a tough workout how do I push through it?

The mind gives up before the body. Focus on the process of what you are doing, exercise by exercise. If you think it’s going to hurt and you are going to give up then you probably will. If you remain positive it’s likely to hurt a lot less.

Mantras to you going?

As I said above, the mind gives up before the body. I Focus on what I need to do to get better, as opposed to how fast I’m going, taking a goal from an outcome goal to a process goal.

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