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Fit for Living offer a deeply customised elite coaching experience, through our online coaching program and adventure wellness escapes.

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What We Do.

My name is Liz Barker an award-winning personal trainer, ex-amateur boxer and Founder of Fit for Living. I have delivered over ten thousand hours of personal training sessions and along with my team developed Fit for Living’s personalised transformation program. Taking a full mind and body approach and always backed up by the latest science we bring together diet, exercise, sleep, lifestyle, genetic testing and blood profiling.

Whether you join Fit for Living’s online coaching program or an adventure wellness escape, it’s our mission to positively improve your physical and mental wellbeing to transform your life – for good. You’ll improve your fitness levels, boost your metabolism, increase energy levels, feel stronger in body and mind, plus understand how to sustain your mental and physical wellbeing.

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Rest & Recovery

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Mental Wellbeing


Online Coaching

Fit for Living is a team of experienced fitness professionals, dedicated to transforming the way people approach their health and wellness. We help our clients achieve their personal goals through professional fitness training, nutrition coaching and lifestyle education.

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" Liz is an exceptional personal trainer and Fit for Living offers much more than just physical training and conditioning too, their knowledge of the human body and it's nutritional requirements to achieve the desired results is second to none. Not only has my body transformed dramatically since I started training my training program.  I feel so much more positive about myself both mentally and physically.
- Joe Elliot
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Corporate Wellness

Organisations are facing greater responsibility for their employees’ wellbeing, both in and outside of work. Investing in the wellbeing of your staff through corporate wellness programs essentially means investing directly in the health of your business.

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" I just wanted to say thank you again to you and your team. The event was a HUGE success and dubbed the best in the company’s history."
- Phil Jackson, Director
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Adventure Wellness Escapes

Inspirational adventures in nature to re-energise the body and mind. The ultimate goal is to provide you with an experience that extends beyond our few days together. With a full mind and body approach, you will get a deeper understanding of your health and wellness.

We will give you the tools and teach you new skills and access to an ongoing coaching program to help you make changes when you get home, so it really is a life-changing adventure.

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" Always an adventure, 3 trips down and a 4th booked in, great way to meet new people and share an awesome experience. "
- Katie Hamilton

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